Welcome to FII-ON’s blog

Welcome to the Best Job on the Planet!

We at FII-ON are committed supporting, encouraging, and engaging fathers of all walks of life.  And think of all the dads that are out there:

  • young dads
  • new dads
  • old dads
  • single dads
  • divorced and separated dads
  • working dads
  • stay at home dads
  • grand-dads
  • and many more.

Why do we do what we do?  Because a father’s influence in the life of his child is extremely important.  Check out some of these quick facts.  Children with responsibly involved fathers:

  • have balanced, healthy relationships with their siblings and peers
  • tend to take risks with courage and resourcefulness
  • enjoy school and are successful academically
  • are innovative problem solvers
  • have a secure connection with dad
  • are tolerant and understanding of people
  • tend to be healthy physically and emotionally
  • have moms who feel less stress

There are many more positive things that a responsible father brings to his children.  And this will be the focus of our blog.  We believe strongly that a responsible father will raise a responsible child.  He will do this with affection, caring, commitment, playfulness, and learning.

So join us on this journey.  And give us your feedback – we know there are may voices for fathers out there.


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