Looking for Some Real Dads . . .

Research is important.  It gives us a small glimpse into the motivations and mechanisms of life.  Recent years there has been an incredible rise in the amount of research studies that focus on dads.  Here is a new one – and what I like about it is its focus on asking Canadian dads what they think about fathering young ones.  I’d encourage you to take the survey.  And forward this on to any dads you know who could participate.

Check it out:

I am a Psychology PhD candidate from the University of Regina in the midst of data collection for my doctoral research.  I am looking for some support in recruiting research participants for my online study which aims to better understand fathers’ parenting beliefs.

This study requires the participation of Canadian fathers with at least one child aged 2-6 to complete a questionnaire I have developed along with a series of short questionnaires created by other researchers. For this study, I am specifically looking for fathers who are living with their child’s mother. Whenever possible, I am also seeking spouses’ perspectives as well. Because the survey is online, interested participants need only to click a link and they will be taken directly to the research site.
Responding to the surveys typically takes approximately 20 minutes.

All of the data gathered during this study will be confidential. While the results of the research will be shared with other people and published in scientific reports, no uniquely identifying information about participants is being collected. All questionnaires are anonymously completed.
Individual responses will only be used in aggregate with the responses of all participants.

The information collected as part of this study will be securely stored.
While the data collection is done online, it will be protected using 128 bit SSL security protocols (the same used by banking institutions). The data is only accessible through a user name and password. Access to this information will be limited to the primary researchers.

If you have any questions you may contact me directly at sevignph@uregina.ca or my research supervisor Dr. Lynn Loutzenhiser atLynn.Loutzenhiser@uregina.ca. This project has been approved by the Research Ethics Board, University of Regina.

To participate now, please click on the following link and you will be taken directly to the beginning of the survey. If you are not taken there directly, please copy and paste the link into the address bar of your browser.


Please consider sending this link to anyone you think may be interested in participating in this study.

Thank you in advance for your support,

Phillip R. Sevigny, M.A.
Child and Family Research Group
University of Regina
Email: sevignph@uregina.ca


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