It’s never too late

We talk so much about the importance of being involved “right from the start”.  That can leave many men wondering if its too late for them to be a healthy, positive influence on their children.   It’s almost never too late to get involved with your kids.  Here are some words of encouragement from Involved Fathers: A guide for today’s dad.

Lots of men who adopt older children become very involved with their kids and have close relationships that last a lifetime. You can become a more involved father starting at just about any age.   As you go along, you’ll probably do some things well and other things that aren’t so great. Sometimes you’ll feel good about your involvement, other times you may feel guilty that you aren’t doing enough. That’s normal. And since fathering is a long-term occupation, that means lots of chances: chances to learn, chances to do better and many, many opportunities to be a positive force in the lives of our children.

So never give up.  Your children are always looking for you to be there.


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