Watching the Boys in Lessons

You know there’s nothing like being a dad. It’s so hard and so exciting all at once. Sometimes it feels like you’re messing up while other times you’re so shocked that things work out at all.  The best moments I find for reflection are during lessons. It’s amazing how hard it is to get the kids ready and convinced to even go but then there is that one moment in the stands or on a bench where you can slow down and take it all in because, as we all know, they grow up so fast. Take a moment while you’re sitting there, turn off your phone, and just watch your child and enjoy them.I’m a poet so I would like to share with you two poems that I wrote while watch my sons at their lessons. Enjoy.

swim class

kick flutter pop breath head tilts cup palm of wave splash under water

dolphin tail slap slip stream stroke spin skims surface belly flop

drop dive swan scuttle flick eggbeater front crawl arrowhead chlorine

kiss shower down.

learning to skate

buttocks kiss ice cold hard a beaver tail slap shot thunderclap snow

plough dime stop helmet bounce skate blade swish ankles bent

pitter-patter shuffle puck pounce zamboni rumble roars high fives.

Domenico Capilongo

5th Dan (degree) Black Belt with the Canadian Wado Ryu Federation, Affliated with the Wado Ryu Karate do Academy and the Japan Wado Ryu Renmei

5th Dan with Karate Canada  and Karate Ontario, both recognized by Sports Canada

NCCP level I (National Coaching Certificate Program)

York Region District School Board Secondary Teacher for 13 Years

an all round decent guy and awesome father.


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