Diggin in the Dirt with Dads

Picture 091

On Saturday June 22, 2013 Blind River Best Start Hub hosted an event to begin building above ground garden boxes.

One dad, Bill and his son Will began to measure for cutting. They measured all boards and then cutting began. All wood was cut and screwed together to form the boxes. Kevin, who also come out to help. Once they got what they could use to minimal waste, I returned back to Home Hardware to pick more lumber up to complete the 4 garden boxes we had planned for. They gave us more lumber and were able to complete 5 boxes.

When the boxes were completed, we came into the building and enjoyed hot dogs, burgers, salads and some potato chips.

In February 2014, we gathered with 11 children ranging from 10 months to 5 years old with their dads, grandparent or caregiver to build bird houses.  The evening began with a shepherd’s pie and salad and concluded with the building of the bird houses.

DSCF3381Picture 103 DSCF3383 Picture 100

To find out more about programs engaging dads in your community check out our new database.


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