Alex Nayanookeesic, Loving Dad and Loving Husband (Part 4)

If you’ve been reading about Alex over the past 18 months you’ve witnessed him growing into his role as a young father and how he’s received support from and given support to his family and loved ones. In this, the fourth installment in this ongoing series we take a peek at how the challenges and joys of fatherhood continue to play out in Alex’s life.

Alex Nayanookeesic, Loving Dad and Loving Husband

The snow is finally melting in Northwestern Ontario and spring/summer TransCanada highway construction jobs are available. Alex has taken advantage of this and is working on a bridge site 50 kilometres east of Nipigon by the Gravel River. The work days are long, up at 5:30am and back home by 7:00pm, Monday to Friday weather permitting, and with the occasional Saturday thrown in for good measure. This timetable puts stress on the family life. Laura’s EI just ran out so his employment and income is a financial relief.

AJ, now 10 months old, celebrated his first Mother’s Day! He didn’t want to sleep during the day. Perhaps he could sense the excitement from his sister Angelina and brother Justice who had cards and homemade gifts ready for their mom. The entire family came over to our place for BBQ basa fish, asparagus, baked yam fingers, chopped fruit, and a Greek salad, a perfect menu for mom and grandmother. AJ sat in his high-chair and enjoyed food bits for a while before discovering that they could also decorate the dining room floor!


Alex does his best at balancing a demanding work schedule and his time spent with Laura and the children. Also, his immediate family live in Greenstone area and he likes to visit with them even though they reside far away. This can be a tiring proposition. And warm weather is just around the corner with all of its potential for fun and adventure in the great outdoor life offered in Northern Ontario- fishing, camping, hiking…

Alex takes his days one at a time. Will a better job become available? Will he be able to operate heavy equipment with his Pappa in logging operations? Will he and his family be able to move into a new place away from their current neighbourhood? When will AJ sleep through the night?


Submitted by Gordon Mackenzie, Nipigon, ON – a very proud and grateful father-in-law and member of the Dad Central Steering Committee representing Northwestern Ontario


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