Alex Nayanookeesic and a Young Dad’s Carousel of Life

Alex was able to work most of the summer on a bridge construction crew by the Gravel River in Northwestern Ontario. Most of the pounding manual work was behind the handles of a jackhammer. Occasionally there was a requirement for him to log some time on the wheeled front end loader which proved to be valuable heavy duty equipment experience. Unfortunately, last week he received his lay-off notice so will rely on Canada’s Employment Insurance or EI to tide things over until the next employment opportunity arises. He will enjoy his down time looking after the three children as his wife Laura is starting part-time work as a cashier at the local Nipigon Husky gas station.

Great news! Alex and Laura have bought a house and have been able to move from their old at-risk neighbourhood. They purchased a home just two blocks away from her parents. Like Laura said, “I have saved for 10 years to do this!” It is a small three bedroom abode which requires some repairs. With a limited budget and help from family, they have replaced some siding, painted, and cleaned inside top to bottom.

Other terrific news is on the horizon and scheduled for February, 2015. Laura is expecting child number four! (And I thought breastfeeding was supposed to delay pregnancy…) AJ will have some stiff completion for attention when the new baby arrives. It is incredible how the circle of life just continues.

Speaking of AJ, the little fellow has taken his first steps at 13 months of age. He was initially hesitant to crawl but now will be using those big leg muscles to go places. Alex loves to hold his hand and walk with him.


We were down at the marina fishing from the deserted black CN rail bridge. AJ was sitting in his stroller and pointing to all the seagulls flying overhead in the deep blue sky. Angelina showed her prowess at casting her fishing line while


Justice ran over to Clearwater Creek which flows into the marina area and announced that there were lake trout to be seen… and he caught one! He was so proud to show his dad!


School days are here and the autumn colours and cooler weather will prevail. Being without work “sucks” as Alex would say, but the upside is that he may have time to repair and renovate their new house and home. The financial budget is tight but they are thriving and surviving. There is more to life than the pursuit of money, as this young family is testament to.

To read about Alex’s journey as a father check out previous blog posts.


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