Communities Get a Booster Shot of Planning for Father Engagement

My Dad Matters in Timmins, ON - Nov 5/14
My Dad Matters in Timmins, ON – Nov 5/14

The My Dad Matters toolkit is gaining momentum as training and community development take place across Ontario.  On Nov 5/14, we were in Timmins, ON where 35 people from across Timmins and the Timiskaming District gathered to talk about engaging fathers and men in their communities.  People from Manitoulin Island and Cochrane, ON were also there.  On Nov 21/14 we were in Ottawa, ON where 52 people had the same opportunity to plan and network.  They were able to talk about strategies, deal with barriers, and network across the community.  At the beginning of the day people were asked to share the questions they hoped to have answered.  Here are some:

How do we encourage dads who are in low socio-economic situations to attend programs and services?

What are the issues dads are seeking support for?

What are ways to incorporate cultural identity in programs for men?

How do we educate fathers prenatally?

How do we keep dads interested in what is offered?

How can we encourage fathers to be more supportive of breastfeeding?

Though we could never be able to address every question, people did leave with some new ideas and strategies for engaging men as parents.

Check out for all the details about the toolkit.  There are lots of great things there, like workshops for fathers that you can use in your communities.  One of those is “Fathers in a New Land”.  This is a workshop for newcomer and immigrant fathers in Canada. Check it out here.

More information will be added to on a regular basis.

If you are interested the My Dad Matters training coming to your community, please contact Brian (


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