Regent Park

There is momentum for fathering programs in the Regent Park Community in Toronto.   As part of their program planning that includes increasing father involvement, Parents For Better Beginnings is having a number of Dads & Kids Days in the winter:

sledding in January;

a winter carnival in February;

ice skating in March.

They have put out a call asking for donations of new winter skates and helmets (and other protective skating gear) for children up to six years of age.  These will be given to families in their programs so that they can participate in the March skating day.  Each of the Dads & Kids Days will include food, hot beverages and fun!

In the past, Parents for Better Beginnings have had success with their Dads & Kids Days that included a space for fathers and their children to gather for the day, eat lots of tasty foods, and participate in fun activities including sports play activities (geared to young children) that involve fathers actively playing with their children.

For more information and to make a donation of skates, helmets, or cash, contact Diane MacLean at 416-362-0805 ex 222 *  or Nury Rugeles at 416-362-0805 ex 230 *


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