Alex Nayanookeesic – A Father of Four Children at the Age of 26

by Gordon Mackenzie

On the day of a full moon, August 29, 2015, Alex and Laura welcomed into their lives baby Esme Kristiane Nayanookeesic, after waiting a long three week period of being overdue.  She weighed in at 9 lbs. 12 oz.  On the morning of the birth Laura went into labour at 2:00am, they then went to the local Nipigon hospital around 9:00am and were told to hurry to Thunder Bay Regional hospital over an hour’s drive away.  Less than 20 minutes after their arrival, Esme was born, and quickly.  Without delay Alex’s Granny, Pappa, and sister came for a visiIMG_20150830_225616t followed by Laura’s brother Calvin and his fiancée Joanna.

Esme came home the next day to be welcomed by Angelina (12), Justice (9) and little brother AJ (2) who had been looked after by their other Pappa and Gam.  What a reunion it was with AJ mistaking Esme for his 3 month old cousin!  This young family will be making adjustments at home from sleeping arrangements to feeding time.

Summer is coming to a close for Alex and he just received his lay-off from the bridge reconstruction project just west of town.  There are house repairs to take care of.  Angelina and Justice have returned to school.  Life will settle down into another state of normal.  AJ and Esme have to begin their relationship and Alex is keen to coordinate this loving bond.

There is life to live after the tragic loss of Jordan.  Although Esme will never completely fill the void, she will help soothe the family’s pain.

This is another chapter in the story of Alex and Laura.  To go the beginning, click here.


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