The Directive – Aug 23, 2016

Welcome to The Directive. This is a regular assortment of father related news stories, information, and fun stuff.

  1. Interested in the State of the World’s Fathers? Check out this report from Promundo. This is a landmark study that draws on information from across the globe.
  2. Dad Central Canada has contacts in many areas across this great country. Follow these on Twitter:
    • Dad Central BC – @dadcentralbc
    • Dad Central Alberta – @abdads
    • Dad Central Sask – @dadcentralsk
    • Dad Central Manitoba – @dadcentralmb
    • Dad Central Ontario – @dadcentral_ont
    • Réseau Papa Quebec – @coeurdfamilles
    • Dad Central New Brunswick – @DadCentralNB
  3. Greater Toronto Area Fathers wanted for Social Marketing Research. It may sound like a telemarketer call, but it’s not. Kevin Black is doing research through the University of Toronto on how to design programs and services for fathers and their children. If you are a Dad in the GTA and would like to be involved, contact Kevin.
  4. The 24 HR Cribside Assistance for New Dads is available in iBooks. Get some tips and tricks for looking after your baby during those first few weeks.
  5. #thingsdadsdo – teach your child how to make a paper boat. It’s straight-forward and fun.  Make a few and float them in the bath tub or at a local creek.

Do you have interesting news, events, and other fun stuff you would like to share? Send it to Dad Central or post it in the comment section.



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