The Directive – Sept 6, 2016

Welcome to The Directive. This is a regular assortment of father related news stories, information, and fun stuff.

  1. Fatherhood gets a lot of press in a new publication: Research Perspective on Work and the Tranistion to Motherhood.
  2. Fatherhood is the focus of world-wide research:
    1. Rwanda
    2. Brazil
    3. Bulgaria and The Netherlands
    4. Bangladesh
  3. Become Father-friendly certified – check out the My Dad Matters online toolkit.  Take it on your own or as a group.
  4. Check out these funny takes on fatherhood and parenting –
  5. Early Literacy tips for dads.  Check out these resources Dad Central has just produced.
  6. Dad Central Ontario is partnering on two important projects:
    1. Canadian Correntions Family Network – funding received from Movemeber
    2. The Learning Partnership – funding received from The Trillium Foundation
  7. Got any stories or pictures to share from the first day of school? Post them to Twitter or Facebook using #thingsdadsdo.

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