Call for Proposals


We are looking for workshops proposals for the 2nd Canadian Father Involvement Conference: Mar 1 & 2, 2017 in Winnipeg, MB.

Theme: Side-by-Side: Strategies for Working with Vulnerable Fathers.

Dads find themselves in many different situations.  We want to inspire conversations and networking for working with dads who are in situations we don’t talk about much:

  • young dads
  • Aboriginal dads
  • incarcerated dads
  • racialized dads
  • single dads
  • same-sex dads
  • dads in child welfare
  • domestic violence, and more.

The deadline is Oct 31, 2016.  

2017-dcc-call-for-proposalsfr (french)

2017-dcc-call-for-proposalsen (english)


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