The Directive: July 1st edition

Happy Canada Day and welcome to The Directive. This is a regular 3d flag map of canadaassortment of father related news stories, information, and fun stuff.  If you have anything you would like
posted here, please send it our way.

  1. Fathers in Canada are struggling to find that key balance between family and work.  The options for men are growing, yet there are also stigmas and barriers that interfere for the freedom to make many decisions regarding home life.  This MacLean’s article is an excellent overview of men striving for balance and how this impacts them, women, children, and society.
  2. The all-new Canadian Dads Directory is being built.  If you have a program or service or support that you want fathers to know about, fill out the info on this form.  We hope to have the directory launched by the end of the summer.  Send your info in now and stay tuned.
  3. National Fatherhood Survey – to be wrapped up July 15.  There is still time for dads to complete the survey.  Dads could win 1 of 3 gift cards to the movies.  Forward these links on to your networks:
    1. English
    2. French
  4. Talking with Boys and Girls.  Some research is staring to reveal how men speak with boys and with girls.  There are some differences.  Check it out here.
  5. Hosting a party or barbq for Canada Day?  Here are some easy recipies and fun ideas that the whole family can enjoy.
  6. Dad Jokes are the best, especially the bad ones.  Can you watch this without laughing?
  7. Dad Central is looking for some help converting our 8 booklets into epub format.  If you know of anyone with this expertise willing to give us some support we would appreciate the opportunity to speak with them.  Contact us:

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