Fatherhood Matters: Jan 11, 2019

Fatherhood Matters is what Dad Central uses to stay in touch with you.  This is where we post interesting news, ideas, resources, and some fun stuff about fatherhood.  It is a mix of info for dads and info for those working to support fatherhood.  Enjoy!

  • Dad Joke of the Month
  • National Conference Update – Early-bird pricing extended until Jan 15
  • Guidelines for Working with Men and Boys
  • March 17 is a New Day for New Dads in Canada!
  • The Dadout App – get connected with other dads near you
  • and more!

Dad Joke of the Month

‘Our wedding was so beautiful . . . . even the cake was in tiers’

Fatherhood Matters in the Early Years Conference – update.

Early-bird registration has been extended til Jan 15.  Get your registration now!  $359 for two days will become $395 starting Jan 16, 2019.  All the details are here, including the pre-conference option, Fathering in a New Land.

Guidelines for Working with Men and Boys

The American Psychological Association has released the first-ever Guidelines for Practice with Boys and Men.  These important considerations to help boys and men  deal with their mental health and understand what healthy masculinity is.

March 17 is a New Day for New Dads!

There are changes coming to the parental leave plan in Canada which will give new dads (and other “non-birthing” parents) more time with their new children from the start.  Dads can use this time to build their connection with their babies, which has a huge impact on their health and development down the road.

The Dadout app – get connected with other dads and their kids

An app for dads to plan outings and events with their kids and other dads close by.  Check it out.

Research: Children and Youth Perceptions of Non-resident Fathers

Issues such as incarceration, geographic location, and changes in relationship quality changed as families adapted to new realities and shifts in kin networks.  Find the information here.

Dads Directory

We are always looking for programs, activities, and services available for dads to add to our directory.  These don’t need to be for “dads only”, but can be anything a parenting guy may be interested in.

Dad Central Ontario exists to support the invaluable role of fatherhood in the healthy development of children.  If you want more info about who we are and what we do, contact us at info@dadcentral.ca or visit our website – dadcentral.ca.

Online resources: store.dadcentral.ca
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