Dads and Coronavirus (COVID-19): How to talk to your family about the pandemic

With the World Health Organization’s (WHO) official announcement of a global pandemic on March 11, the last 48 hours have brought significant change. The amazing speed these changes have occurred may have left you with uncertainty about what to do as a dad. How do you handle this? What is happening with your workplace? How will you manage the school closures for two more weeks? What about keeping everyone in your family safe? How do you talk about all of this with your kids?

The good news is there are so many reliable resources available to support you. Dad Central is posting this update as a way to provide you quick access to multiple sources of information to help you in the process.

First and foremost – educate yourself with facts.

Public Health Agency of Canada Resources

The Public Health Agency of Canada has two specific pages dedicated to coronavirus. The depth, quality, and validity of this information is the best source you can find. There is a search feature for common questions plus dedicated sections for travel advice, prevention and risks, symptoms and treatment, and Canada’s response.

Expert Advice on Talking To Kids About Coronavirus

Once you’re armed with facts, next you can begin to look at ways to address the topic. Several experts have provided step by step instructions on managing the situation with your kids. Three suggested resources include:

At Dad Central, we know dads and families will be tested through the current realities. This is uncharted territory for everyone, and there may be additional difficulties in the days and weeks ahead. As dads, you (and your partner) can provide the necessary and most relevant information in a way that reassures, reduces anxiety, and keeps your family feeling safe.

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