About Dad Central Canada

Committed to strong, healthy children by affirming and valuing the bond between fathers and their children, Dad Central Canada works to provide relevant and well-crafted information for fathers and for individuals, agencies, and programs working with fathers.

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Our vision is one where:

  • Society understands the importance of responsible father involvement to healthy child development, and acts upon that understanding.
  • Communities recognize the importance of the father’s role and are pro-active in the development and implementation of supportive, protective public policies that enable responsible father involvement.
  • Every child has access to a caring, involved and responsible father engaged in enhancing his child’s resiliency.


  • To promote both understanding of and concerted action toward responsible father involvement as a supportive and protective condition of healthy child development and resiliency.


  • To be a catalyst in society’s acknowledgement of and action upon our collective responsibility to involve fathers in the development of healthy and resilient children.


  • To increase awareness of and knowledge about the importance of father involvement in healthy child development.
  • To support the awareness of father involvement at the community level, province-wide and across Canada.
  • To encourage the creation of networks linking the development of healthy public policy together with concerted action in support of responsible father involvement.
  • To educate and support fathers in their role as positive contributors in shaping the lives of their children.

2 thoughts on “About Dad Central Canada

  1. Loret

    Single/ separated/ divorced Daddys and Fathers are so very important in the development of a childs present and future emotional well being. Along with this is the importance of showing respct for the children’s Mother anf the Mother’s showing respect to the fathers.
    Let us not forget children see and learn both positive and negative actions and their reations confirm how well we are doing as parents.

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