What I Wish I Knew Then: Three lessons to ring in the new year – Part 3

In the third and final post of this series I share the most important lesson I've learned, and how it changed our family.

New Year's

What I Wish I Knew Then: Three lessons to ring in the new year

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com I say full because since we’ve had kids (twin 6 years old’s and a 4 year old) time has seemed to pass exponentially quicker.  There never seems to be enough time, and too many items on our list of “to do’s”. So slowing down, reconnecting, and reflecting on the year …

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Holidays and gift ideas to help dads

Help For The Holidays

The holidays can be stressful. Let this summary of resources and ways to enjoy the holidays with your family be a great guide for you.

On Being a Dad and Grandpa

By Barry Lillie This past October, my daughter and son-in-law took a picture of this seventy-one-year- old grandpa (me) with my three-year-old granddaughter hand in hand on the Gulf of Mexico in Naples, Florida. I realize now how uncertain my journey to this time and place was.  The reason—I became a separated dad twenty-five years …

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A Fast Track to Single Fatherhood

by John Hoffman It’s not often that a 47-year-old guy, who wasn’t really planning on fatherhood, ends up as the full-time single parent of a four month-old baby. That’s what happened to George* (not his real name) last year. Right now he’s on parental leave, looking after baby Nathan*, now nine months old. Nathan’s mom …

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Holiday Thoughts for Single Parents

by Barry Lillie The holiday times are often moments where single parents struggle with sharing time, memories of holidays past, and ensuring their children  how to The following are guidelines for newly separating or changed families during this joyous but often difficult season. Guard against any erratic behavior by yourself or your former partner. Your children …

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