It’s never too late

We talk so much about the importance of being involved "right from the start".  That can leave many men wondering if its too late for them to be a healthy, positive influence on their children.   It’s almost never too late to get involved with your kids.  Here are some words of encouragement from Involved Fathers: …

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Fathering After Separation

In a perfect world I suppose every relationship would remain intact til death do us part.  However, the reality is that sometimes relationships don't last and families find themselves needing to adapt to separation, divorce and other changes.  If this is you, here are some thoughts about adjusting: Grief and Loss For some people it …

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Dads in Blended Families Take it “One Step At a Time”

Any father might wonder at times what role he should play in his family.  Fathers in blended families probably have even more questions because they often have  more than one family to influence.  Here are some thoughts for step-dads: Children need to adjust to their parents’ new relationships.  Here are some things you can do …

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