Snowstorm Special

Southern Ontario is bracing for another snowy day.  In honour of this, Dad Central is offering a 30% discount on all fact-marks purchased until Feb 14, 2019. Visit and use the discount code: snowstorm. Expires Feb 14, 2019


Rough and Tumble: it’s a dad thing

by John Hoffman When my boys were little we used to play this game called “Over the Falls.” Well, it wasn’t exactly a game and it didn’t really have a name. It was just a wrestling and rolling around thing we did on “the big bed” (Mom and Dad’s bed). We’d roll around in the …

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Learning to Listen

by Daniel Sherwin (guest post) In a society built on the foundation of the nuclear family, single parents are at an inherent disadvantage. Though commonplace today, parenting children without a spouse or helpmate is sometimes seen in a negative light. Single fathers are often assumed to be ill-prepared for their children’s emotional needs in the …

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Smartphone: The latest thing “they” want you to worry about

By John Hoffman I am not a smartphone addict myself. But I really don’t want to join the chorus of people proclaiming their dire dangers for kids. For one thing, I can’t stand it when older people wag their fingers and declare that the younger generation should be able to do without things that hadn’t …

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The Directive: July 1st edition

Happy Canada Day and welcome to The Directive. This is a regular assortment of father related news stories, information, and fun stuff.  If you have anything you would like posted here, please send it our way. Fathers in Canada are struggling to find that key balance between family and work.  The options for men are …

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The Directive: Father’s Day Edition

The Directive is what Dad Central uses to stay in touch with you.  This is where we post intersting news, ideas, resources, and some fun stuff about fatherhood.  It is a mix of info for dads and info for those working to support fatherhood.  Enjoy! Abolish Father's Day?? This Huffington Post article suggests it is …

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